"Conquer The Crash... Survive
The Next Depression!"

t's true... you can survive and prosper in a deflationary depression. But you have to ask yourself these questions...

WILL deflation and depression really happen?

WHAT causes deflation and depression?

CAN the Fed prevent deflation?

WHERE can you find the few exceptionally sound banks, insurers, gold dealers and other essential service providers that can help you protect your wealth?

HOW should you arrange your finances and your life in order to survive the depression, prosper while it's happening and take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity coming at the next major bottom?

Not one in ten thousand investors will think to ask these questions, even as their financial institutions may be lurching toward insolvency.

"CONQUER THE CRASH will answer these questions... and more."

Here's what others are saying...

"Conquer the Crash outlines brilliantly and simply the rationale for how and why the bubble developed. Prechter will go down in history as a legend for having predicted the secular bull market and now having provided a lucid description of the economic cataclysm that unfortunately lies ahead. I urge you to read Conquer the Crash and give it to your loved ones. It provides great tactical advice on how to prepare yourself financially. Reading this book could make the difference between agony and comfort over the next 20 years."

- David Tice  President, Prudent Bear Funds

Conquer the Crash is packed full of practical and pertinent facts.

You'll discover...

One investment you should never make.  pg. 158

What to do with your retirement plan, now!  pg. 217

Where is the economy and its markets headed?  pg. 84

Eight things you should know if you own investment real estate.       pg. 156

Why you should never take advice from your broker.  pg. 226

How far will the market fall during a crash?  pg. 78

What are the strongest banks in the United States?       Chances are your's is not on this list!  pg. 184

Nine government dependencies you should avoid.  pg. 253

How do you know when the stock market has topped?  pg. 29

Five things that place your bank at risk.  pg. 179

Are bonds a safe haven when the market is falling? The answer       may surprise you.  pg. 143

Ten things you should do after a stock market crash.  pg. 261

About the author...

Robert Prechter is President of Elliott Wave International (EWI), a forecasting firm servicing institutional and private investors around the world. EWI provides long-term as well as intraday analysis on stock markets, currencies, interest rates, commodities and social trends.

Since 1978, Prechter has published ten financial books which have been translated into as many as a dozen languages. Every month, he writes thoughtful market commentary in The Elliott Wave Theorist. He is currently developing a new Web site dedicated to the elucidation of what he terms socionomics, the new science of social prediction.

Prechter attended Yale University on a full scholarship and graduated in 1971 with a degree in psychology. He began his career as a Technical Market Specialist with the Merrill Lynch Market Analysis Department in New York City.

More comments...

"Bob Prechter's new book, Conquer the Crash, provides a wealth of self-help do's and don'ts. It's a must-read book, which I'm personally putting on my gift list for friends and loved ones."

- Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.  author of the national best seller, The Ultimate Safe Money Guide

Take a look at what's inside Conquer the Crash. Here is the table of contents for this revealing book ...



Part I: The Case for Crash and Depression

1: A Myth Exposed

2: When Do Depressions Occur?

3: When Do Stock Markets Turn from Up to Down?

4: The Position of the Stock Market Today

5: Evidence from Stock Participation and Economic Performance

6: The Significance of Historically High Stock Market Valuation

7: The Significance of Historically Optimistic Psychology

8: Implications for the Stock Market and the Economy

Part II: The Case for Deflation

9: When Does Deflation Occur?

10: Money, Credit and the Federal Reserve Banking System

11: What Makes Deflation Likely Today?

12: Timing Deflations: The Kondratieff Cycle

13: Can the Fed Stop Deflation?


14: Making Preparations and Taking Action

15: Should You Invest in Bonds?

16: Should You Invest in Real Estate?

17: Should You Invest in Collectibles?

18: Should You Invest in "Cash"?

19: How to Find a Safe Bank

20: Should You Speculate in Stocks?

21: Should You Invest in Commodities?

22: Should You Invest in Precious Metals?

23: What To Do With Your Pension Plan

24: What To Do With Your Insurance and Annuities

25: Reliable Sources for Financial Warnings

26: How to Ensure Your Physical Safety

27: Preparing for a Change in Politics

28: How To Identify a Safe Haven

29: Calling in Loans and Paying off Debt

30: What You Should Do If You Run a Business

31: What You Should Do with Respect to Your Employment

32: Should You Rely on Government to Protect You?

33: A Short List of Imperative "Do's" and "Don'ts"

34: What To Do at the Bottom of a Deflationary Crash and Depression

Services That Can Help You Survive and Prosper in a Deflationary Depression

Media and Misc. References

What else are they saying?...

"Conquer the Crash provides disciplined investors with a map, compass and survival guide. Don't leave home without it."

- Henry Van der Eb  President, Gabelli Mathers Fund

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