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Charting Principles
Charts are like detailed road maps... without them, you're lost. Some charting methods are better suited for displaying data. Knowing which to use is key to your success.

  • Bar Charts and Patterns
    With bar charts, the market's ups and downs come to life in the form of repeating patterns. These patterns will yield clues to the market's future direction.

    • Double Top and Bottom
      The Double Top and Double Bottom pattern can forecast a change in trend. Learn how to spot these predictive patterns.

    • Triple Top and Bottom
      The Triple Top and Triple Bottom pattern can signal the end of the current trend. Discover how to exploit these powerful patterns for profit.

    • Head & Shoulders Top and Bottom
      The Head and Shoulder Top and Head and Shoulder Bottom pattern can forecast a change in trend, as well. Learn how to identify and project price targets.

  • Candlestick Charts and Patterns
    Use candlestick charts to uncover likely price turning points with uncanny accuracy. Many reversal patterns are common to stock market tops and bottoms.

Forecasting Tools
Technical chart indicators are like keys to the kingdom. Used correctly, they will unlock many trading opportunities... giving you the edge you'll need to win consistently in the markets.

  • Elliott Wave
    Elliott Wave chart patterns appear over and over, again... in all time frames. Knowing which wave a stock is trending in will help you forecast the most likely turning points.

    • Fourth Wave Projection
      Easily forecast Elliott Fourth Wave turning points... a valuable price targeting method.

    • Fifth Wave Projection
      Discover how to forecast Elliott Fifth Wave reversal points. Apply this method... gaining a valuable price targeting tool.

  • Fibonacci Number Series
    Can Fibonacci price projections forecast key turning points in the markets? See how calculations based on this simple number sequence can be applied to stock prices for startling results.

    • Fibonacci Retracements
      Fibonacci Retracements can pinpoint market reversals. Learn how to forecast price turning points.

    • Fibonacci Confluence
      Fibonacci Confluence can reveal market reversals. Discover how with this powerful price target method.

    • Fibonacci Extensions
      Fibonacci Extensions can uncover market turning points. Learn how to use this price forecasting tool.

  • Relative Strength Index
    The Relative Strength Index will determine market direction, as well as, likely market turning points. Use it to stay with the trend and profit.

    • Bullish and Bearish Divergence
      Bullish divergence and bearish divergence can mark when a stock is ready to change trend. Learn how to identify this common pattern.

    • Positive and Negative Divergence
      Positive divergence and negative divergence can measure a stock's next move. Use this forecasting method to bank profits.

Trading Systems
Stock market trading systems don't have to be complicated... but, they should be based on sound technical analysis principles.

  • Relative Strength Comparison Method
    Market Sector Trading will have you in the right stocks at the right time... every time! This indispensable stock picking method is very effective and easy to execute.

  • Moving Average Channel Method
    The Moving Average Channel is a simple, objective method for trading stocks. Easy to use, it will get you in and out of the market with low risk entry points.

  • Seasonal Trading Method
    Seasonal Trading is a powerful filtering tool. Know whether a stock will rise, fall or go flat - months, years or decades in advance.

Market Metrics
Not sure which stocks to trade? Start with this short list... already filtered and analyzed.

Charts In Action
Free stock chart examples with applied technical analysis... using recent stock market scenarios. Gain the confidence to do your own market analysis.

Now, contribute your own stock chart analysis!

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