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Market View

Simple is better. This SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF line chart says more with less!

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Monthly Market Map: S&P 500

The proceeding market map from FINVIZ.com represents a popular form of visualization that allows browsing, searching and analyzing large amounts of stock data.

Click on the following map for detailed analysis...

How to Have the Insiders Advantage... Legally

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Seasonal Index: Standard and Poor's 500

The S&P 500 seasonal index is constructed using the Link Relative Method as described in Schwager on Futures Fundamental Analysis.

This seasonal chart represents over 30 years of detrended monthly data.

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Market Forecaster

The MetaStock FORECASTER plots a “probability cloud” based on a previously selected chart pattern.

Using advanced algorithms, it examines the price action after an event occurs to determine the probable performance of future events.

The following chart of the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF depicts a 90-day forecast cloud generated by a bullish breakout signal. The event is triggered by price touching predetermined support and resistance levels.

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SectorStat - Market Sector Rotation Model

The MetaStock Sector Rotation Model (SRM) helps gauge the state of the market relative to the economic cycle.

Six sectors are used in the model; Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Financial, Healthcare, Technology and Utilities. When Consumer Staples, Healthcare and Utilities are outperforming, the market is weaker. This is shown by sustained negative values of the SRM and usually indicates trouble in the market.

Conversely, when Financial, Technology and Discretionary sectors are outperforming, the SRM will show sustained positive values. Bull markets may follow this condition.

The SRM can be interpreted like traditional oscillators. Market tops are signaled by a sustained positive SRM followed by a quick drop below zero. Market bottoms are signaled by a sustained low SRM followed by a quick rise above zero.

The Market McClellan Summation is a cumulative measure of the McClellan Oscillator. Mathematician James Miekka developed an alternate formula which solved some calculation problems and keeps the index above zero most of the time. Strength is shown when the summation index is trending in a positive direction. When the summation index is trending in a negative direction, the market is showing weakness.

Additionally, trend line crosses, price/indicator divergences and indicator/indicator divergences are good predictors for trend changes. Learn more about trading divergences here.

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Hands-Free Portfolio (Aggressive)

The Hands-Free Portfolio was created by Morningstar as a vehicle for investors to put their money into a "set it and forget it" model portfolio.

There are three hands-free portfolio models to choose from... conservative, moderate and aggressive. Each portfolio shares the same ten ETFs plus a cash position. It is the percentage allocation for each ETF which delineates the risk between portfolios.

The following chart is a composite index of the Morningstar Hands-Free Portfolio (Aggressive) minus the cash position.

Elliott Third Wave Impulses

We filter component stocks from the Fidelity Select Sector funds... identifying those recently moving into an intermediate third wave impulse.

The criteria looks like this...

Wave 2 ≥ .618 x Wave 1

Wave Up Wave Down
Name Ticker Symbol Name Ticker Symbol
Biglari Holdings Inc BH LogMeIn Inc LOGM
Caterpillar Inc. CAT Stone Energy Corporation SGY
CEC Entertainment, Inc. CEC MicroStrategy Incorporated MSTR

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