Trend Lines, Channels
and Support & Resistance

se these examples of Trend Lines, Channels and Support & Resistance to jump-start your chart reading skills. You'll see that simple line studies are the building blocks of thorough chart analysis.

This daily chart of CitiGroup, Inc shows a well established up-trend. It only takes two points to form a trend line... but, the more times the line is touched , the better.

Price extends beyond and falls short of the down-trending line in this daily chart of PEC Solutions Inc.

The up-trending channel has stayed intact for three years on this weekly chart of New Jersey Resources Corp.

This weekly chart of General Motors shows price action which has broken-out of the down-trending channel... a sign of further weakness.

Automatic Data Processing Inc is pushing against resistance at $45 which used to be support in this weekly chart.

This daily chart of Smurfit-Stone Container Corp shows how the pivot point determines where support and resistance will develop.

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