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"By learning how stock charts uncover
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sing stock charts and technical analysis to make your trading decisions is smart. Keeping your chart analysis simple is even smarter.

Literally, there are thousands of Web sites covering every imaginable angle of the markets. These sites are overflowing with reams of fundamental data, endless lists of market indicators and mysterious "black box" trading systems... so much information, you may never be able to make an intelligent buy or sell decision.

The truth is... even if you could digest all the available information on a stock, you would not be able to act on the information fast enough for it to be of any benefit. You need an edge, and...

"It Begins With You"

We created Stock-Charts-Made-Easy.com for you, the investor, on the premise that everything you need to know about a stock is revealed in its chart pattern or footprint. Through simple technical analysis, stock chart footprints will come to light... allowing you to make an INFORMED decision on whether to buy or sell your shares.

As you explore the site, you will find many tools and resources, with plenty of examples, to guide you in your OWN equity selection process.

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